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    Tim Brennan

    Hi, I bought the Solopreneur theme today. I’m a bit disappointed sadly. Also, sad to see zero posts for this theme in support.

    Few things I need to address immediately as they are causing me to lose trust and conversions.

    1. Under title of quote section on home page why is there an X

    Smart Remote Control Reviews & Blog

    2. Between author of blog post and date there is another X

    3. When i change the color of the links in the Customer it effects some images that are links. Namely, Social Warfare buttons change color. This stinks. I use this plugin in all my sites and have never seen this issue.

    Please advise as soon as possible.



    Hello, Thank You for purchasing the Solopreneur theme.

    About the zero posts in this theme thread, the forums support is new, it started just few months, most our customer get the support via e-mails.

    1. About the x, it is not mysterious at all, it was part of the design, if you see the theme demo before your purchase you will see it also present like and also in the blog page between the author and date . However if you don’t like it you can remove using the custom CSS. Go to Customizer -> Custom CSS, then paste following CSS code then save:

    .page-template-landing-one .l1-testimonials .x-black {
    	display: none;
    #primary .entry-meta .x-black {
    	width: 0;

    2. About the link color change, yes it might change the other link colors that not supposed to be change, we will think more carefully about this because this is technically on how CSS selector priority, it would be different from plugins to plugins, we will include this on our next update. But for now since you using this Social Button plugin, the solution i offer is also using custom CSS, you can add following code to the CSS:

    #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_default_dark_gray a, #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_default_full_color a, #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_default_light_gray a, #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_default_medium_gray a, body #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_other_dark_gray:hover a, body #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_other_full_color:hover a, body #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_other_light_gray:hover a, body #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_other_medium_gray:hover a, html body #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_individual_dark_gray a:hover, html body #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_individual_full_color .nc_tweetContainer:hover a, html body #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_individual_light_gray .nc_tweetContainer:hover a, html body #primary .swp_social_panel.swp_individual_medium_gray a:hover {
    	color: #ffffff;

    Please let me know if there are still issues or another questions.

    Thank You,



    Tim Brennan

    Awesome. It’s SO nice to get the exact fixes I needed for a change.

    I have some more questions that I will write later, but I just wanted to say thanks for the great CSS fixes.
    And Happy Thanksgiving.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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